Smokey Drive Elementary

Inclement Weather Guidelines

In the event school is cancelled during the school day, the decision is usually made by 11 am.  The school will contact all families to confirm procedures to release your child/ren.  To facilitate this process, please make sure your child knows what to do in case of early closure and ensure that your phone numbers and email addresses are up-to-date so we can contact you.  Students are not released until we have made contact with a parent/guardian or designate as you identified on the emergency dismissal form sent home in September.

On school days when conditions exist that it is not safe to open schools at the regularly scheduled time but it is predicted that conditions will improve, a 2 hour delayed opening may be considered.  Delayed openings would be considered when a severe weather event has concluded but snow clearing or other operations required additional time.  When this happens, classes at Smokey Drive Elementary will begin at 10:35 am.  Playground supervision will begin at 10:15 am and students will be brought into the school when the end of recess bell rings at 10:20 am.  Our lunch and dismissal times will not be affected.  During this circumstance, students should not arrive at school before 10:15 am as there will be no supervision prior to that.

Schools may be cancelled by "Family of School".  We are in the Sackville High family of schools