Smokey Drive Elementary

Holiday Concerts

This year we are excited to welcome families into our building for a celebration of song for our holiday concerts.  There will be concerts at 1:00 and 6:30 pm on December 7 and 8.  The evening performances are for parents/guardians (2 tickets per family will be sent home).  The afternoon performances are dress rehearsals where other family members (grandparents, etc.) are welcome to attend.  The afternoon performances will not require a ticket.

The classes performing on Dec. 7 are:  Primary Cody, 1 Wells, 2/3 Williams-Cooper/van Poelgeest, 3 Walker and 4/5 Belfield/Griffin

The classes performing on Dec. 8 are: Primary McGillivrary, 1 Waddell, 2 Hiltz, 4 Doucet and 5 Aucoin